Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

York  PRIDE 2016

Sat 18th June #raiseyourrainbow

One thing to note is that it's not just men who transition to female, around 45% of transitioning people are female to male.

June is a busy month, with 'Free to be me - care homes' staff LGBT awareness training in 2 venues which York LGBT Forum will be delivering. The York LGBT Forum is also very pleased and proud to announce that the new Lord Mayor of York has chosen us as one of his Charities of the year. And of course as i head towards surgery in December, i have weekly appointments for hair removal (no pain no gain)

I will be holding a Transgender workshop in York soon, It will be for anyone thinking of transitioning, already transitioning and people who dress part time.

It will focus on a broad range of things from absolute basic make up skills, to what to expect during transition.

More details including date/time and location when they are finalised, But further information is on my extra 'blog' page as is information about a 'Hands together walk' that i am organising.

Full details for both are now on my 'extra blog' page.

Sometimes proceedings in a different country can affect your own country, in years gone by things like the HB2 bathroom bill in North Carolina, USA, would have passed virtually un-noticed here in the UK, but with the internet, it is all over news feeds and hard to avoid. 

How does this affect the UK?

Simple, as daft as HB2 is, there will be people out there, not just in America, who will think it's ok to verbally or physically abuse a trans person who is using the toilet/restroom of their chosen gender because they've read on the internet that HB2 is law, the fact that it is in different country will be lost in ignorance, and/or they will plead they thought it applied here.

Blogs and current campaigns will appear here when they are in motion.

At the moment all is quiet on the battlefront, but check back here again every couple of weeks to see what i getting involved in. 1st may 2016.