Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

Brexit and the rise of racism in the UK. - controversial blog.

The UK voted to remove itself from the EU recently, Personally i voted to remain, and here are my thoughts on that vote and the rise in racism that has followed.

Prior to the last General Election in the UK, all the polls and experts were pointing towards another hung parliament, but with a decrease in the number of Tory MP's. David Cameron made a bid for extra votes by promising a referendum on the UK being part of the EU, at the time, it was a pretty safe bet, Polls on the EU suggested the greater majority of the UK population would vote to remain in the EU, and in any case, being part of a hung parliament, he could easily drop the referendum promise and blame those he shared power with. That relatively safe bet got slightly weaker when the polls got it wrong on the general election and the Tory party won with a small majority, David Cameron had suddenly lost his 'get out of jail' card and with no option of being able to forget about a referendum by blaming others he shared power with, he had to announce the date of the referendum. At this stage, all the polls still suggested a comfortable win for the 'remain' or IN vote.

Now things start to get messy, because neither side, both Remain and Leave, told the electorate anything close to the truth about what it meant to be part of the EU or what would happen should we leave the EU, half truths were told and exaggerated on, lies and more downright lies were told by both sides, immigration and the money paid to the EU focussed heavily from both sides, promises were made by both sides based on outright lies, half truths and scare tactics. The closer we got to polling day, the more the result looked less like a foregone conclusion.

This whole referendum on the EU has split the nation, it has allowed fear to rule the heads of intelligent people, and it has also allowed the racist minority to have their voice heard by those in fear of mass immigration getting worse if we stay in the EU, or if we left the EU, depending on which side's lies you listened to. It has also severely split the government too, with both Tory and Labour in turmoil and at present neither of the two big parties able to govern or be electable should a new general election occur anytime soon, and there is the real prospect of whoever becomes the new Tory leader, wanting to call a general election in order to gain a 'mandate' to act act for the people of the UK. My fear in this scenario is the likes of UKIP, a party i consider to be racist, gaining too much power within government due to the Tory and Labour parties being seen as totally un-electable .

The rise in racism has not surprised me since the Leave victory in the referendum, the core of the problem has always been there simmering under the surface, and the out vote appears to have given the racist element of our society the green light to shout about it.

It's almost as if the out vote has given them a mandate to carry out racist attacks on anyone who they believe should not be in the UK, people who were born here are being targeted just because they don't look English, or they don't sound English. People are being abused in the street because they happen to speaking in a different language, people of colour and being told 'we voted OUT, time to pack your bags and go' . Nazi symbols are appearing in public places, and the targeted people at the moment are 'Poles first then the gays' - that is a direct quote from their posters.

Let me straight away say this, MOST 'out' voters are in no way racist, it is a minority.

For me, it is the racist minority who should be leaving this country.

The UK at the moment feels like how i imagine Germany felt in the early 1930's.

We know what happened there, It must NOT be allowed to happen here.