Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

My email is and you should include the words 'public speaking' in the subject header

Do you have a website that you would like a link to? As long as it is LGBTQI related, send me some details and a link, and i will happily add it to the directory already on here.

Do you want to contact me?

I do a range of public talks which can be tailored to your needs.

They range from talking solely on one subject, or a range of subjects.

You may wish to know more about the York LGBT Forum's work

  • LGBT Diversity.
  • Transgender issues
  • Role models and Stereotypes
  • Transgender acceptance
  • LGBT equality

All my talks have a personal touch, include my own experiences and delivered in a warm friendly manner.

I am always open to Questions and no subject is taboo, otherwise how would you know what you shouldn't ask?

My talks are given FREE, all i ask is that my travel expenses are covered, and if you wish to donate anything to York LGBT Forum, then that's a bonus :-)

York LGBT Forum contact details are and the website is