Two main thoughts spring to mind about the killings in Orlando recently, they are...

1.America really has to change it's gun laws.

2.More must be done worldwide to aid the integration into mainstream society of LGBT people.

So, those gun laws first, The weapons used in this case, and in the numerous mass shootings in the USA are weapons of WAR, they are semi-automatic weapons capable of delivering countless rounds of bullets in less than a minute.

Whilst i fully understand the reasoning behind the 'right to bear arms' , that constitution was drawn up on the back of America winning the war of Independence, we are now in the 21st Century, and America really needs to update the constitutional right to bear arms to something along the lines of having 'the right to bear up to a 6 round hand gun'

I am not calling for the right to bear arms to be abolished, just keep it to a weapon that cannot be used for mass murder, but for self defence and the defence of property. Other weapons should be regulated and restricted to gun/shooting clubs and kept under lock and key, used only in conjunction with organised shoots by the gun club.

Now for the homophobia side of that brutal attack on the LGBT community, I will not delve into my thoughts on why the gunman attacked a gay club, i don't have the proof to back up my thoughts. What i will say is that this tragedy has brought about worldwide media attention, and for me it is sickening and saddening that it has taken this event to bring about worldwide media attention on the struggles that LGBT people face day in day out worldwide.

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people are attacked and killed with alarming regularity every day of every year, but nothing is mentioned by mainstream media away from the local area of the attack.

Just think about this FACT concerning the Transgender community, in the past 6 years more than 1600 transgender people have unlawfully killed worldwide, that equates to one person almost every 30 hours!

What happened in Orlando was a hate crime, a Homophobic attack, but on a much larger scale than we have ever seen before, and the magnitude of the attack, the death toll and the number of people also injured, is what has brought the media spotlight onto our community from around the world.

We must not allow this spotlight to flicker away without taking something from it first, we simply have to use this spotlight to highlight everyday Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and get mainstream media worldwide showcasing our plight and fighting with us for full equality and integration into mainstream society.

My thoughts and prayers are with those murdered, and those they have left behind, and something good MUST come out this, in their memory and the memories of everyone who has been murdered just because they happen to be L,G,B or T.

Current world LGBT affairs will be posted here- they are my thoughts, and may be controversial

Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49
EMAIL: akakelly69da@gmail.com