Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

I also speak in public on a variety of issues, more details are on the 'contact' page along with details for contacting York LGBT Forum.

LGBT people are human beings too, we have the same rights as non LGBT people, or at least we should have, that's where the problem lies, we often suffer hate & harassment, discrimination & abuse, just because we are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender

If i can do anything at all in my life to help make the transition pathway easier for others, then i will.

I have experienced what it is like to be bullied and hassled, i have had people attempt to ruin my life, to end my career, and to have a hate campaign run against me, why?

I am transgender and i stand up for myself.

I work with York LGBT Forum to help raise awareness of LGBT issues, we have a training package for care homes called 'free to be me -in care' and one for the workplace 'free to be me -at work'

I am also lead of the Transgender subgroup and have created a monthly night out in York for transgender people which welcomes everyone under the 'T' umbrella as well as welcoming the LGB community along with heterosexuals who are happy to being among the LGBT crowd on a night out, it's called York Third Saturday (YTS) and is held on the 3rd Saturday of every month in York's LGBT bar, Thomas of York 9pm to 3am.

The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown, when we no nothing about something we are naturally scared of it and therefore we can and usually do react in a negative manner towards it. Educating people is the way to ensure the safety of LGBT people, campaigning is the way to win our equality.