it was the mid 80's when i really started to dress and became aware of what transgender meant, though at that time i had no idea how to go about changing my gender

Yes, i looked awful in the early days of transition.

As the 1980's arrived i still knew nothing about what Transgender was, around the time the television adverts concentrated on aids, the small town i lived in remained quite homophobic in my opinion.

Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

Gaining access to the internet in the 90's, i began to research and knew i had to leave that small town in order to allow myself to become Lisa.

I hail from a small town as a child, the 1970's were hard if you happened to be LGBT, although at the time i never knew what i was.

I knew i was different, and was bullied because of that.

I moved to York in 2011 and my transition began in earnest, work were fantastic about it, family supportive and i was finally able to be myself.

nearing the end of my transition, i now do voluntary work with York LGBT Forum and some public speaking on LGBT issues, diversity and Transgender issues.