For more details about the workshops, including dates, times and venue, please get in touch via the contact me section or via York LGBT Forum - email and mark your email f.a.o. Lisa.

Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

Transgender Workshop - what is it? 

The Transgender workshop is a safe space meeting for anyone under the transgender umbrella and those questioning their gender.

It is held every other month and it is designed to help in may ways...

From hints and tips on how to get by on a day to day basis, help and advice with make up, what to expect at the gender clinics, how to go about the name change process and coming out to family, friends and at work, knowing your rights and much more.

Each workshop we have a resident make up artist who can take you through the basics to complete make overs, and she has beauty products available to buy. 

The workshops are free to attend and we supply plenty of cake, and keep you topped up with tea & coffee - dairy free options available - again all free of charge.

From time to time we have guest speakers on a range of subjects, coming up for 2018 will be a voice coach for one of the workshops.