Lisa Kelly

Transgender/LGBT activist
AGE: 49

Safe sex, look after your health, these people can test quickly and discreetly

Permanent hair removal, top class service, check out Face the Future near Leeds

Gires, excellent site and ideal for both Transgender people, and those looking for information

Bisexual? confused? need to know more - then this website is a must for you

Non binary comes under the Trans umbrella, but what is it? maybe this site can help you

Rape is traumatic, whatever your gender. seek help and advice, rape crisis site >>>

DesignerFemme, for transgender beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips

Hate crime - see how you can report it, it is vastly under reported

Stonewall, a site bursting with information on all LGBT issues

Equality? Human Rights? yes even if you are LGBT you still have rights- more here

Domestic violence and sexual abuse is not restricted to heterosexuals, IDAS are LGBT friendly, check out their site, i hope you never need them.

Mermaids, a great site for information, specially parents of transgender children

Want to know something means? what terminology people use, this is the site for you

Gay? this is a useful site which also smashes some common myths, have a look :-)

below are links to websites that you may find useful in your transition, or for information on LGBT issues